>>>>>>>>>>> SIX MUSEUMS | ONE PASS >>>>>>>>>>>
>>>>>>>>>>> SIX MUSEUMS | ONE PASS >>>>>>>>>>>

Articket as a family

Treasure hunts, kids’ workshops, reading spaces, exhibitions, music, cinema… There is something for everyone at the Articket museums, even the youngest members of the household! Below you have a selection of everything you can do with your passport if you come as a family.

Get closer to art with the Articket Boarding Pass!

Those aged under 16 also get to enjoy all of Barcelona’s art. If accompanied by an adult who has an Articket passport, they will receive a boarding pass to accumulate stamps from all the museums they visit, just like the grown-ups do! A fun way to gamify the museum visit experience and bring them closer to art.

The Articket boarding pass, free for those aged under 16

Six museums, at your own pace

On a family visit, the exhibited works give part of the limelight over to the children, and the pace of the experience grows. At some point you will want to stop to have rest, draw, read or simply get some fresh air. Discover our kid-friendly spaces!

MACBA’s family space

A place to relax, share and just be. An area where children can play, as well as read, learn and relax. You can explore the publications on the works and artists at MACBA, and come to read, talk or rest. Access is free and you will find it on the ground floor of the Study Centre (CED).

“La Comiquera” at CCCB

A free access space where you can draw; take part in workshops with the creators of the Graphic Constellation exhibition and other guests from the world of independent comics; browse through books and fanzines; play with your family or take a break while you visit the CCCB.

In the shade of the carob tree at the Fundació Joan Miró

A space for meeting, resting and conversation in the Fundació Joan Miró Carob Tree Patio, where visitors can enjoy a mobile library with books and artistic materials for families.

In the shade of the carob tree at the Fundació Joan Miró

A family programme for all tastes

From interactive exhibitions, through to portrait or collage workshops, art and literature days or dynamic visits, the Articket museums’ programme for families includes experiences of all kinds where you can connect with each other’s curiosities and develop a personal relationship with the art. Here is a selection of what’s on this spring:

Imaginary Friends: an exhibition designed for the little ones

The new interactive exhibition at the Fundació Joan Miró allows its youngest visitors to delve into the world of contemporary art in a friendly, fun and welcoming way. The exhibition aims to guide the viewer as they discover renowned artists and become familiar with them, all the while encouraging them to forget their fear of contemporary art. The artist and the work of art, like an imaginary friend, must be able to create a space between the viewer and a reality where everything is possible, a space for play and discovery. On until July 2!

Discover more family programmes at the Fundació Joan Miró here.

Tempera, wood and gold leaf, a workshop on the art of painting in the Gothic period

Delve into the medieval world by practising artistic techniques. With the exhibition Lluís Borrassà. The rediscovered colours of the Barcelona Cathedral at the Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya, you will find out about the tools and materials used to make an altarpiece. In the workshop, programmed for March 26, April 30 and May 28, you will get to experiment by painting your own altarpiece.

Find this and other family workshops and activities at the Museu Nacional here.

Cinema 3/99

From April 9 to May 8, the CCCB family cinema presents a selection of nine short films for all audiences, with music taking the lead role. The chosen pieces will take you on a journey to explore music in its multiple facets, whether through geometric representations, technical demonstrations, sound games, playgrounds, animations or improvisations.

Here you can see the rest of the family programme at the CCCB.

Create your own film in Many movies

Based on Bruce Conner’s first film, A MOVIE (1958), the Fundació Tàpies organises a family activity to make your own films with limited resources. You will visit the exhibition and get inspired by the assemblage technique and animated collage, and you will experiment with the Mashup Table, a tool that allows you to edit a film in an intuitive and collaborative way, combining archive images, music and special effects.

Many Movies at the Fundació Antoni Tàpies

Museu Picasso with the family, two Saturdays a month

The family workshops at the Museu Picasso offer a playful way to get to know the Museum’s collection, contemplating the works of art while enjoying participatory and creative experiences, learning in an exciting way as part of a group. Upcoming workshops programmed for April and May include “From Picasso to Picasso you will go and roll the dice” and “Exquisite portrait”.

Make a collage like giving a hug

On April 1 and 15, MACBA invites you to explore the relationship between the body and paper, printing hugs with your body on old paper that is no longer used, on posters from past exhibitions or on paper used to wrap grapes. We will move, we will hide, we will dance, and we will listen to the stories of the paper and those of the hugs that are attached to our skin. We will also play and make various collages of vivid and expansive fondness.

More family activities at MACBA here.

The youngest among us also have their place with Articket! MACBA.

Games to inspire you!

We all know the best way to learn is by playing and having fun, and with the Articket museums you have all these games available at your fingertips, to help boost your creativity!

Treasure hunt

  • At the Museu Picasso, they have created a treasure hunt for you, where you will be taken on a tour of the Museum and the artistic and private world of Picasso. Let’s see if you can guess who the inhabitants of the Museum are!
  • The theft of the bestiary: a page of an illustrated manuscript has disappeared, where a lot of animals were drawn! The clues that you will find in the paintings of the Romanesque art collection of the Museu Nacional will allow you to identify it and find where it is hiding. Use your detective skills to find out who the thief is!

Educational material

  • Would you like to visit the Fundació Joan Miró collection as a family? We will guide you through a unique experience using our educational material, where children can discover the collection through themes linked to Joan Miró, such as dreams, the countryside, travel or the alphabet. All this is done through a constant dialogue with the works that are visited during the tour and the realisation of drawings, collages and many other creations. 
  • The drawn museum: come and visit the Museu Nacional where you’ll have the chance to create your own “drawn visit” while you enjoy the collection.

Puzzles and board games

Memory games, puzzles, word searches, crosswords, games to test your visual acuity… The Museu Nacional has put together some educational activities which are perfect for having fun and learning from home, or even at the museum!

See you soon, families!