>>>>>>>>>>> SIX MUSEUMS | ONE PASS >>>>>>>>>>>
>>>>>>>>>>> SIX MUSEUMS | ONE PASS >>>>>>>>>>>


We asked La Mandanga, the alter ego of popular illustrator Noemí Rebull, to reinvent some of the most iconic works from public spaces with her ironic and humorous style. Barcelona is a real open-air museum!

From the legendary Botero’s Cat to the Carmela e Plensa, with the new limited edition illustrated map from Articket, you can discover Barcelona through the city’s urban art. Explore the surroundings of the six Articket museums, also located on the map, and take the opportunity to explore Barcelona from a different perspective. Because art, in all its forms, is one of the undisputed stars of this city, and here at Articket we have been giving all types of visitors the chance to see it for more than 25 years.

Here are three questions so that you can get to know Noemí Rebull

When I’m lacking in motivation, not only creatively but in my day-to-day life, I like to go for a walk around the neighbourhood. I lived in the centre, surrounded by tourists, for 9 years and there are a few sanctuaries that I really like, such as the Plaça de Sant Felip Neri square, the Teatre Grec garden and the Casa de la Misericòrdia garden. Now that I live in Sants, I love places like Can Batlló and the markets.

What are your artistic inspirations? Are there any artists or works at the Articket museums that you admire? We’d love to know who or what they are!

My role models are not really museum artists, since my creations follow a different path. I never studied art either. I am more inspired by popular culture, my friends, comics and everyday life.

Is there a museum or cultural centre that you often go to for inspiration, either in Barcelona or somewhere else? Is there an exhibition that has left its mark on you, either on a creative or personal level?

I often attend small concert venues. I think that’s what interests me the most on a cultural level. Not only that, they are hybrid spaces where there are also exhibitions, meetings, etc. The Meteoro and the Pumarejo are two good examples. In terms of museums, the one I’ve been to the most is the CCCB. It’s a pretty obvious choice, but it always surprises me. In fact, I highly recommend their latest exhibition, Suburbia. Building the American Dream and I loved Graphic Constellation on the work of 9 authors linked to comics.

This summer you no longer have any excuse, join us on this fascinating journey through art… inside and outside the museums!