>>>>>>>>>>> SIX MUSEUMS | ONE PASS >>>>>>>>>>>
>>>>>>>>>>> SIX MUSEUMS | ONE PASS >>>>>>>>>>>

#8M with Articket

March 8 is just around the corner! Here at Articket we have selected some of the resources made available to you from the 6 museums, helping to make women creators visible and to reflect on gender issues such as motherhood, feminism and care-giving, among others.

Take a walk through the collections with a gender perspective

If you would like to explore the plurality of works by women artists present in museum collections, virtual tours are a good starting point. The MACBA, for example, offers This is not about feminism a route in which you can discover great artists such as Silvia Gubern, Kristin Oppenheim, Valeska Soares or Cristina Iglesias, that you can enjoy live in the museum’s rooms.

The Museu Nacional also presents us with a virtual tour exploring some of the women artists whose work is preserved by the museum. Women often silenced by official art history, as fascinating as Madame Lebrun, Ethel Reed, Olga Sacharoff or Ángeles Santos. Discover them first hand!

Great exhibitions with a woman’s name

The exhibition agenda is, fortunately, increasingly represented by women artists. In fact, with the Articket passport you can enjoy 4 temporary exhibitions right now, where the creators are the protagonists:

  • Graphic Constellation (until May 14): The CCCB presents Bàrbara Alca, Marta Cartu, Genie Espinosa, Ana Galvañ, Nadia Hafid, Conxita Herrero, María Medem, Miriampersand and Roberta Vázquez, nine artists who experiment with styles and languages, who shy away from the comic book format and who share a critical and humorous look at the world.
  • Mey Rahola. The new photographer (until June 22): The rooms of the Museu Nacional house the work of one of the first women to make a name for herself in the field of artistic photography in Spain. Establishing herself as a photographer outside the family setting, Mey Rahola took part in the construction of the new role of women in the public sphere during the Second Republic: an independent, travelling, empathetic and ironic woman.
  • Banditry (until April 16): Claudia Pagès presents a new investigation on stamped paper, watermarks and other marks at the Fundació Joan Miró, in which she explores the relationship of these three elements of graphic expression with the circulation of power and the material substrates upon which meanings are fixed.
  • Bouchra Khalili. Between Circles and Constellations (until May 21): The MACBA exhibition brings together projects that Bouchra Khalili has carried out over the last ten years. Drawing on various forms of historiography and on conversations and archival material, Khalili’s artistic practice explores anti-colonial struggles and stories of post-colonial liberation and solidarity.

Playlists in the gender key

As centres of knowledge, museums constantly generate content (debates, talks, cycles…) on current issues that we can consult online to energise our critical spirit. Naturally, the issue of gender is very present in the Articket museum channels.

Don’t miss the CCCB’s playlists which feature a great selection of audiovisual resources, such as the collections Women, work and care-giving and Feminisms with speakers such as Bel Olid, Fina Birulés, Chantal Maillard, Carolin Emcke, Mireia Sallarés and Siri Hustvedt. They provide us with their gender perspective on various issues. Griselda Pollock or Eulàlia Valldosera, among other creators, also offer us their particular perspective in the collection Six voices, six struggles from the Radio Web MACBA (RWM) archive.

Through the Picasso PhD, the Museu Picasso put forward a debate on the vital and creative aspects of the painter, from a gynocentric perspective. The heteropatriarchal construction of the Picassian myth, the iconography of the strong woman in the work of Picasso or the women in Lola Picasso’s time, are some of the talks that you can find on the museum’s blog or on its YouTube channel.

Finally, we recommend you take a look at the YouTube channel of the Museu Nacional where you can see the sessions of three dialogues based on the works of Roser Bru, Parvine Curie, Mari Chordà and Núria Pompeia. Artists and experts reflect on pregnancy in artistic creation: the transformation of the woman’s body, feminist commitment, the celebration of fertility and the most intimate problems that affect women in this process, such as difficulties in getting pregnant, mourning unborn babies and obstetric violence.

Bonus track: celebrate #8M 2023 at the museums!

On International Women’s Day, the Articket museums also dress in purple. There are many surprises that we have in store for you during the month of March so that you can get the most out of this day of protest! Stay tuned to social media, but in the meantime, here are some essentials:

  • With the collaboration of the Institut Català de les Dones, and for the eighth consecutive year, the Museu Nacional offers free admission and an interesting programme of activities to make visible their commitment in the daily fight against discrimination against women in the field of artistic and intellectual creation and production.
  • With the guided tour of The inhabitants of the Museu Picasso schedules on March 4 and 18 you will discover the protagonists of the portraits of the Museu Picasso, exploring the various roles of women in the 20th century. Through some selected works, we will address and dismantle topics such as single, devout and provincial women, women of the night or marriages of convenience.

Let’s make every day #8M!