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Museu Picasso

Opening times

Tuesday to Sundays: 9am to 7pm (including holidays)

Thursday: until 9.30pm

Monday: 10am to 5 pm (from July 24 to September 25)

Closed: 1st Jan, 1st May, 24th June and 25th Dec.

On 24th and 31st Dec museum closes at 2.00pm.


Fundació Museu Picasso of Barcelona

Montcada 15-23

08003 Barcelona

Telf. (+34) 93 256 30 00

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The Museu Picasso (Picasso Museum) in Barcelona is an essential starting point for understanding the formative years of Pablo Picasso and one of the most popular tourist attractions in Barcelona. The genius of the young artist is revealed through the 4,251 works that make up the permanent collection. Opened in 1963, the Picasso Museum also reveals the artist’s relationship with the city of Barcelona: one that was shaped in adolescence and that continued until his death. The Museum’s collection is unique and practically exhaustive up to the Blue Period, while also including important works from 1917 and the series Las Meninas (1957), as well as a comprehensive collection of the artist’s prints.


The exhibition programme at the Museu Picasso (Picasso Museum) is closely linked to the figure of Pablo Picasso and to the study and knowledge of our collection. It features large-format exhibitions that relate Picasso to his contemporaries or explore a particular aspect of his work, as well as smaller exhibitions integrated within the circuit of the collection to highlight various aspects. The Museum also has a programme of works on temporary loan giving visitors the opportunity to enjoy exceptional pieces in the context of other works in the collection. Running parallel to its exhibition programme, the Museum also organises seminars and lectures on Picasso and other subjects of museological interest, conducted by international experts. All of this makes the Picasso Museum one of the most interesting places to visit in Barcelona.


COMING NEXT: October 26, 2017, to January 8, 2018

With this exhibition we celebrate the last significant period of time spent in Barcelona by Pablo Picasso. Since he definitely set up in Paris in 1904, he had not spent such a long time in the city, and after 1917 he would only come for brief stages in the summers of 1933 and 1934. After having designed the sets and costumes for Parade, he travelled with Serge Diaghilev’s Russian Ballet, living in Barcelona from June to November, 1917, before moving on for a short period of time to Madrid. This brief period in Barcelona is highly interesting from Picasso’s artistic point of view, as it was a moment of research into new sources and visual resources, where the artist alternated between the more rigorous canons of Cubism and a more classical, realist line of work. The exhibition will feature painting, preparatory drawing for the paintings and independent drawings, seeking to unite the widest possible selection of his production during the months spent in the city. Documentation related to his stay in the city will also be featured, showing his activity as a painter along with his times at ease (going to the bullfights and to the theatre), as well as time spent with friends, acts done in his honour and his participation in events in civil society, amongst others. #PicassoBarcelona1917



COMING NEXT: October 26, 2017, to January 8, 2018

The exhibition focuses on Cravan’s stay in Barcelona. In December 1915 he arrived in the city and met up with the artistic couples Juliette Roche and Albert Gleizes, Serge Charchoune and Helena Grunhoff, and the Picabias. To make a living he gave boxing classes in a reputable club and refereed fights. In March, 1916, with the arrival of the boxer Jack Johnson (the first African-American heavy weight champion of the world), things would move quickly. Both men sought notoriety and publicity, with Johnson being at the end of his career and Cravan wishing to raise funds to travel to New York. #PicassoCravan



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